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  • Losing one in the rough or water will be heartbreaking
Callaway Tour iZ Golf Ball Callaway Tour iZ Golf Ball

Review: Callaway Tour iZ Golf Ball

Written by  on Monday, 17 October 2011
We review the latest, and possibly best, version of Callaway's distinctive range of golf balls, the Callaway Tour iZ Golf Ball.

From the original Big Bertha, to the Diablo Octane via the Razr X Tour Irons, Callaway is a brand that prides itself, and bases its success, on doing things differently. This is also the case when it comes to their golf balls. If you happen upon one while you're desperately trying to find yours in the rough, the drop shot does not feel quite so bad. You do not need to see the branding to know you have found a Callaway, the hexagonal dimples across its surface tells you all you need to know.

You may have put this down to just looks but it is actually about performance. Traditional dimples have more gaps between them, and this dead space makes for less efficient flight. The honeycomb effect of a Callaway ball means the whole ball is covered, which means flight is not only more consistent, but consistently better, as the ball cuts through the air for a longer, penetrative trajectory.

The Callaway iZ has a refined design which improves the ball flight, especially in the wind, and there is a host of other features which left us very impressed when we were on the course. Principle among them is the four-layer construction or, as Callaway like to call it, their Dual Core technology.

That may sound like it should be powering your laptop, but it will also power your game. The two cores in the middle of the ball – the first being soft and the outer being more solid – are designed to maximise ball speeds for a range of swings, and we found that both the quicker and slower swinger got great performance from it.

The design also minimise spin caused by the driver in order to squeeze the most distance off the tee, while increasing it for iron and wedge shots and so improving the approaches of the more advanced players. After booming our drives down the fairway, we could get impressive control on the ball, even from quite far out, and this was helped by the soft urethane cover layer that increases spin and control, and is also more resilient.

All in all we think the Callaway Tour iZ ball might be our favourite of any golf ball around at the moment. The performance is excellent for golfers of all shapes, sizes and abilities, with added perks for players who have developed their game and are looking for nuance in their approach play. These golf balls come highly recommended.

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"The thing that I love about these balls is the feel; both off of the clubface and the putter. The cover is nice and soft. I have heard that many people are surprised at how soft the firm feel is and how firm the soft feel is." - foxballs.com

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