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Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball

Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls

Written by  on Saturday, 11 February 2012
They might not be on a par with the likes of Titleist, the big boys of golf ball manufacturer, but Wilson Staff do make some quality balls. Here we review their FG Tour Golf Balls.

Like most golf balls on the market today, the Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball is packed with technology intended to give you better performance, distance and durability. The question is though - does the FG Tour live up to its promises?

The FG Tour has a super-soft, high velocity core, which Wilson say will help to maintain a high initial velocity. It is surrounded by a speed-generating HPF mantel, designed to generate higher spin, while it's soft, scuff-resistant, urethane cover is intended to produce more spin.

You certainly notice just how soft this golf ball is when it makes contact with the club face; it gives plenty of spin and it reacts well to every club in your bag, particularly off the putter. The FG Tour really comes into it's own on the short-game, offering great control on or around the green.

In choosing a softer golf ball, you're often sacrificing distance for control. However we didn't notice any loss of distance when using the FG Tour; on the contrary, we were in fact rather surprised at just how well it performed in this regard.

After a couple of rounds we did notice a few scuff marks starting to appear, but they were very minor and hardly worth even mentioning. Also, these golf balls are best suited to those with a lower handicap.

When it comes to recommending a golf ball, everyone seems to sing the praises of Titleist's Pro V1/V1x. Well we reckon the Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball could really give them a run for their money. They perform well on all fronts, and are cheaper too.

What the Web is Saying

"For those old enough to remember, I would say this ball is very similar to the Titleist Professional, the forerunner to the Pro V1. Overall verdict, highly recommended." - intotherough.co.uk

"An excellent premium offering that lasted longer than most balls at this price point. After a full round the ball was still in good condition. It also felt fantastic off the face of the putter." - golf-monthly.co.uk

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