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Vega Golf VC-01 Steel Irons Vega Golf VC-01 Steel Irons

Review: Vega Golf VC-01 Steel Irons

Written by  on Tuesday, 13 March 2012
From Kobe, Japan, the land of samurai swords, Vega has crafted exceptional golf clubs for years. Read on for our review of their Vega Golf VC-01 Steel Irons.

When Vega was established in Kobe over a century ago, the area's most notable industry was the manufacture of samurai swords, perhaps the greatest symbol of Japanese precision. Vega took the technology used in forging the swords from a single piece of steel and applied it to golf clubs. Vega Golf VC-01 Steel Irons are one of the latest in a long line of precise, elegant clubs crafted for control, accuracy and forgiveness.

The benefit of a well-forged club comes in the accuracy with which the club can be made and the consistency that passes on to the golfer. Some clubs can have inherent inconsistencies as a result of how they are constructed: dead-spots and hot-spots on the club face for instance. Not with Vega. Their quality control levels are superb and the ball flies predictably straight and true.

A single billet of S25 carbon steel is used to create the club head and it is finished with a CNC milling process to ramp up the precision and control that the club offers. You get plenty of feel with forged clubs and, along with the tremendous control the milled grooves on the face provide, this makes them exceptional irons, ideal for players looking for shape and variety in their shots.

There is absolutely no doubting that these are incredibly high-quality clubs - the looks are simple and sleek. Vega, like their compatriots at Mizuno, are masters of contemporary, understated style and the satin finish not only adds to the look but proves a very useful touch by deadening the glare of the sun at address.

There is a slight offset and the top line is slim for a cavity-back club. This is a club designed for the mid-to-low-level player who will still get a lot of use from them as their game develops. While the major characteristic of the cavity back is to spread weight to the periphery, thus enlarging the sweet spot for greater forgiveness, the feel and control should give the best golfers plenty to get excited about.

The ball flies on a medium arc off the club face, but these clubs aren't about distance as much as control and for that reason we wouldn't recommend them to high-handicappers. There's also the expense to consider. These irons are pricey and as such are really for serious players. But if you are serious, want to improve an already-good game, and can afford the investment, these are a great choice.

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"If you are looking for a beautifully created iron set enriched in history, then this is the iron set you need to be looking at." - americangolf.co.uk

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