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Video Review: Ping G20 Irons

Written by  on Wednesday, 28 September 2011
Video Review: Ping G20 Irons 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

Graham Green from Leaderboard's Golf Centre in Reading reviews the Ping G20 irons.

Now, like all Ping clubs that have gone before, they're all about designing a club head around forgiveness, and accuracy. And of course, as you'd imagine in the G20, that hasn't gone away. Made with the 17-4 stainless steel - and anyone who knows the history of Ping knows that they're renowned for the quality of their casting. They heat process the metal, so that the particle dispersion is absolutely uniform - so you'll never get any weak spots or hot spots when you hit the ball, giving very consistent ball flight. 

Now if you put this golf club down on the ground, it will look incredibly similar to the predecessor, the G15. But don't be fooled by that, because there's some technical innovations in this golf club which really set it apart. They've got on the back here an elastomer cavity badge, which straight away improves the feel, the sound, and the distance that the ball is hit. 

Also in this club head they've got a much thinner club face, which allows the ball to come off the club face at impact much faster, which as you will know equals more distance.

One of the major parts of this golf club that Ping have changed and got right, I think, is the CFS shaft - that stands for Control, Feel and Stability. Straight away that's going to increase the feel of the golf club, but more importantly control each golf iron and the trajectory at which the ball comes off the club face. 

So, in conclusion, it's very similar to the G15 in looks but in reality it's a much more forgiving golf club and a much hotter shot off the club face giving greater distance. 

The only negative I can ever say about a Ping club, especially those in the G series, is that they're a little bit big and chunky. Many golfers own't be put off by that, but for me it's a little bit big. But what it does equal though, when it's designed in that way, is maximum forgiveness.

Four shots, using much of the club face, and probably averaged a good 160 yards with a 7 iron.

I hope you enjoyed that review as much as I did. Remember, with Ping, it's not just about the product - it's about their custom fitting that they offer. And here at the Leaderboard Golf Centre we are an authorised Ping custom fit centre. So if you are going to buy a golf club of this quality, or any golf club for that matter, make sure that you take time to look into places near you where you can get a full custom fitting, and a made to measure set that's perfectly matched for your body and your swing.

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"The long and mid G20 irons demonstrate a level of forgiveness that I have not experienced before" - golfwrx.com

"They could comfortably take on any other manufacturers super game-improvement irons and more than hold their own." - mygolfspy.com

"Ping has come forth and improved upon the extremely popular G15 irons in a big way" - thehackersparadise.com

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