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Interview: Ed Lawrence from Anything Golf

Written by  on Tuesday, 08 February 2011
Nineteen-year-old blogger Ed Lawrence is a two-handicapped golf fanatic, he writes for Anything Golf. Leaderboard decided to catch up with him and ask him about why he thinks social media is so important for the golfing community.

What has been your favourite professional golfing moment?

Closing with three birdies to shoot 66 in the county championships final round in front of hundreds of people.

How did you get into blogging?

Through reading other blogs. I saw no reason why people shouldn't read my views and points, so I chose my niche and went for it. 

Which other golf blogs or news sites do you read?

I am on the BBC website a lot looking at the news and sport. I also keep up to date with the PGA Tour and European Tour websites.

What makes a good golf blog?

A mix of interesting articles which make you think and want to read on as well as other content such as videos, polls and competitions. 

Do you follow any golfers / golf fanatics on Twitter?

Yes, lots of them. My favourites are: [Ian] Poulter, G-Mac [Graeme McDowell], [Rory] McIlroy and Bubba [Watson].

Do you think the golfing industry is using social media well?

Yes I am aware that it plays a huge role in promoting golf. I am currently subscribed to PGA Tour's YouTube channel and Twitter. 

Do you think golf courses could benefit by using the internet and social media?

Yes I do. They could keep members informed with events and information and attract new members with special offers. 

Do you buy golfing equipment online? What are some of your favourite places?

Yes. I like to try them out first. I usually look at Clubhouse Golf Direct and Direct Golf and find the cheapest! 

Do you watch golf tutorials online? If so, where? What is great about them?

Not so many tutorials but I watch lots of videos of professionals' swings and of my own and try to improve that way. You are never the complete player so tutorials are a great way to improve.  

What are your golfing and blogging goals for 2011?

Golfing goal is to get down to scratch. Blogging goal is to get more followers and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Click on the link to go to Ed's blog: www.anythingolf.com

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