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Interview: Stacy Solomon from Golf for Beginners

Written by  on Tuesday, 08 February 2011
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Stacy Solomon started Golf for Beginners in 2004, as a way to keep lessons in a format where anyone could see and benefit from them. The 16 handicapper is proud her blog has grown to include PGA Tour and LPGA Tour commentary, equipment news and travel destinations. She speaks to Leaderboard about her passions.

How did you get into golf?

About ten years ago, my husband Barry asked if I would want to learn how to play golf. My husband's foursome always booked the first tee time of the day. The problem was that Barry set the alarm for 4am. I'm not an early riser but once I confirmed that not everyone has the same "rise and shine" attitude and that tee times could be arranged even during twilight hours, he bought me a set of golf clubs off the internet and handed both myself and my clubs to a qualified teaching professional. The link to my bio can be found here
If you had to name one thing you love the most about golf, what would it be?

I can't name just one thing I love about golf. It's exciting for me to try to get that little golf ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. The competition also gets my juices flowing as well as the feeling of satisfaction I get when I hit a good approach shot.

What has been your favourite golfing moment personally?

Here are two personal winning moments from my "vault" - the first was winning the Ladies Longest Drive competition at Upper Montclair CC during a media day event. The second was winning a local EWGA Westchester team event with a group of my peers at Branton Woods Golf Club. 
What has been your favourite professional golfing moment?

The first time Phil Mickelson won the Masters Tournament was exciting for me because fans always mocked him for being the guy "who never won a major". I always cheered him on as "everyman". Nice to see him break the ice.

How did you get into blogging?

My first golf instructor, David Czaja, told me to bring a pad and take notes during my lessons so I wouldn't forget and so I could practise afterward on the range. Golf for Beginners was my way of sharing my golf instruction with the rest of the world. I gained a following and then was asked by several golf websites to write for them as well.
Which other golf blogs or news sites do you read?

I scan many sites in one day, some for scores, some for interesting content.

What makes a good golf blog?

A good golf blog begins with asking yourself, "Who really cares?". You've got to get people to issue a response. 

Do you follow any golfers / golf fanatics on Twitter?

My Twitter site, Golf4Beginners, has thousands of followers and I follow back those who enjoy repartee and conversation. Here are a few of my favorites:@Back9Network@Dennis_Allen, @TheGolfClub with Danielle Tucker, @golfviews, @golfexaminer, @PhilLongGolf and @Back9USA.

Do you think the golfing industry is using social media well?

Golf is a social sport so it would seem natural that the next step would be to connect and network through social media. I ask fans to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you think golf courses could benefit by using the internet and social media?

Golf courses can benefit by using social media in a variety of ways. Posting pictures of the intriguing holes on Facebook, offering deals on Twitter, basically introducing and communicating throughout the internet will get courses in front of golfers who may never have known of their existence.
Do you buy golfing equipment online? 

I rarely purchase golf equipment because much of the equipment, accessories are provided to me for review.

Do you watch golf tutorials online? If so, where? What is great about them?

I wish I had enough time to watch tutorials online! Usually, if I see a link with an interesting headline on a subject which is important to my golf game, I'll click on it and take a look. 

What are your golfing and blogging goals for 2011?

I like to question the norm and what everyone believes to be "safe" and so my blogging goals are to query the status quo and postulate on it. My golf goals are to assess when to be safe and when to "go for it" so that I can keep away from those blow-up holes. I don't want to see any snowmen on my card this season! I'll also continue to report on new equipment, visit and assess golf destinations and motivate beginners and amateurs. We are Golf for Beginners and we are always learning!

Stacy Solomon's blog, Golf for Beginners, can be visited here.

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