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Interview: Tony Korologos from Hooked on golf

Written by  on Thursday, 03 February 2011
Top blogger Tony Korologos, who set up Hooked on Golf in 2004, chats to Leaderboard about meeting Jack Nicklaus, rock and roll and original blogs. He also launched the social networking site, The Golf Space,  in 2006 to promote the online golfing community. 

How did you get into golf?

In about 1990 my dad gave me a set of old Browning Automatic blades.  He used to do PR for them and a few other golf companies.  One trip to the range, one pure drive and I was hooked.
If you had to name one thing about golf you love the most, what would it be?

The camaraderie. The game itself is amazing and challenging, but playing with my golf buddies and competing with them is what I love the most.
What has been your favourite golfing moment personally?

Tough to narrow it down to one.  My top three: Birdieing the 17th and 18th holes in my club championship match (match play) to win the championship match one-up, shooting a 70; Meeting Jack Nicklaus; Going to my first Masters last year wasn't bad either.

What has been your favourite professional golfing moment?

Probably watching Phil Mickelson win his first Masters, and first major.

How did you get into blogging?

In 2004 my best friend told me to start a blog.  He said they'd be the hottest thing since email.  He was right.  I asked him what I should blog about and he said, "something you love". After ruling out wine, rock and roll, music, cheese and chocolate (simultaneously or at least in that order), I decided to blog about golf.
Which other golf blogs or news sites do you read?

All of them.

What makes a good golf blog?

Original, entertaining and informative content. Also if the site uses the same blogger theme that 400 million other sites use I lose interest. Originality goes a long way.  Also a good blog should be friendly and link to other blogs.
Do you follow any golfers / golf fanatics on Twitter?

I have two Twitters and follow about 1500 tweeters.

Do you think the golfing industry is using social media well?

I suppose select entities or individuals in the golf world do, and some don't.

Do you buy golfing equipment online? What are some of your favourite places?

I don't buy golf equipment anymore.  Haven't for years.  I get so many samples and review items from blogging that I never need to buy anything anymore!

Do you watch golf tutorials online? If so, where? What is great about them?


The only ones I've frequented are by my pal Tom Velarde at Black Mesa golf club in New Mexico. There are so many online golf tutorials these days, you could spend a lifetime wading through them all.

What are your golfing and blogging goals for 2011?

Golf as much as possible. Blog as much as possible.


Tony Korologos writes for hookedongolfblog.com and set up The Golf Space, where you can find golf buddies from all around the world for tee times, a personals match, make business connections, post images, blogs, track golf scores and much more.

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