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Video Review: Srixon Tri Speed Golf Ball

Written by  on Monday, 07 March 2011
Video Review: Srixon Tri Speed Golf Ball 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

The Srixon Tri Speed golf ball is reviewed by Leaderboard's Graham Green who believes its low spin rate is well suited for links-course golfers.

Hi guys today I am going to do a product review for the Srixon Tri Speed golf ball.

This is Srixon’s three-piece golf ball construction and it suits pretty much most golf-playing standards.

The benefits with this ball is that it gives you a really nice high launch but still with very low-spin rate. The way it’s designed gives maximum feel on every golf club in the bag which a lot of good players will want also. 

It has got a 324 dimple-pattern design and with the low spin rate it produces, I would say any golfer that plays on a links-style course or a windy golf course this is the ball – maximum penetration – like I say, the windier, the better this ball is going to perform.

What the Web is Saying

"Edward rated the Trispeed as his favourite ball on test. He loved the distance off the tee as well as the feel on his wedge shots. Mark felt it was one of the softer, lighter balls on test so was great when wielding a wedge but he wasn't too sure about how much distance he would get off the tee on a regular basis." - todaysgolfer.co.uk

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