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  • Not suitable for golfers with a higher handicap
Product Review: Mizuno MP-63 Irons 4-PW http://www.expressgolf.co.uk

Product Review: Mizuno MP-63 Irons 4-PW

Written by  on Tuesday, 01 February 2011

With the MP-63 irons, Mizuno have bravely attempted to improve on an already extremely popular model - the MP-62. Due to the popularity of the predecessors, we were intrigued to see exactly what Mizuno could come up with to raise the bar.

These irons are crafted with great technological consideration and precision, to ensure that they perform to an exceptional standard. Mizuno have experimented with harmonic impact technologies to achieve the best sound and feel at impact possible. They settled on diamond muscle technology for use in the MP-63s for this purpose. This means that the irons are reinforced from heel to toe, offering great control over the ball and a satisfying sound and vibration on impact. Improved turf interaction is also promised with the 360-degree grind on the top line and sole, which allows these irons to be versatile, even out of the rough.

Balance and confidence have been taken into careful consideration with the 63s. There is reverse flow within the set - a first for Mizuno - which means that the long irons are much larger than you might expect, with more compact short irons. This manages to improve accuracy throughout the set - especially when combined with the larger head and cavity depth in the longer irons which are designed to increase confidence.

Mizuno are particularly proud of their forging techniques, which allow irons to be far stronger due to a decreased number of air bubbles which are commonly associated with inferior cast irons. With the 63s, the forging process takes into consideration the grain of the metal too, which means that the irons are further reinforced and far more durable.

Ideal for golfers with a lower handicap who really want to take their game to the next level, we found it hard to fault these clubs. There's a huge amount of versatility in the set, and we weren't caught off-guard in any situation: the wide variety of shots we could accomplish with the 63s meant that we were never left high and dry on the course. An accurate amount of spin was relatively simple to achieve once we'd familiarised ourselves with the feel of these irons, thanks to the 360-degree grind and modified u-grooves.

We could really tell the difference with the superior forging process that Mizuno have employed with these irons. The clubs feel incredibly solid and durable, but at the same time the feel and balance are perfect and sweet - the clubs are surprisingly forgiving and flexible despite their robust, solid construction. This gives the perfect combination of strength, consistency and forgiveness. The sweet spot is also surprisingly large, which is helped in no small way by the careful construction of each club. The cavity back enables each iron to be really forgiving, but the compact head also means that general workability is impressive too.

Overall, we all felt that Mizuno have really outdone themselves with the MP-63s. Their aim was to improve on the 62s by creating irons with greater versatility and feel, and they have definitely managed to do this - whilst at the same time not compromising on the head size, offset, sole width or top line. Impressive stuff.

"Irons like the MP-63 have practically made blades redundant with the combination of performance, forgiveness and stunning good looks."




What The Web is Saying

"The MP-63s reward good swings, but won't totally bury you for a bad one either. While they are certainly aimed at the single-digit player, many mid-handicappers could fare well with them" - www.thesandtrap.com

"These irons are just enough more forgiving that I didn’t miss greens like I had from time to time with my MP-68s." - www.independentgolfreviews.com

"Irons like the MP-63 have practically made blades redundant with the combination of performance, forgiveness and stunning good looks." - www.golfwrx.com

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