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7 /10
  • Unique new alignment aid
  • Double-bend shaft
  • Perimeter weighting
  • Features Odyssey's most popular White Ice insert
  • D.A.R.T. system may not appeal to all golfers
  • Not a huge upgrade from previous Odyssey White Ice models, excepting the alignment system

Review: Odyssey White Ice Dart Putter

Written by  on Saturday, 30 April 2011
Review: Odyssey White Ice Dart Putter 3.7 out of 5 based on 15 votes.

Putting accounts for some 50% of your game so making the right choice of putter is vital. Here we review the Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T.

Odyssey's White Ice D.A.R.T. putter is the newest addition to their range and it boasts some new features that Odyssey claim make it their best yet.

But can they really improve on some of their top clubs from the past few years? We put it to the test to find out whether it's worth upgrading to the new D.A.R.T. range.

Of course, the White Ice insert has been a firm favourite throughout Odyssey's range among many golfers, so this latest putter has a big advantage there. As ever it produced a great responsiveness that was reassuring on every putt, as we have come to expect from this line of putter.

But the obvious difference you notice first is the new D.A.R.T. system - standing for Direction And Realignment Technology.

This idea behind this is based on the Gestalt effect, where the brain completes an image without you necessarily having to see it. In practice, this means that when you line up for a shot you automatically centre the ball at the apex of the dart, for a perfect alignment every time.

We definitely liked this idea, and no doubt many golfers would find it much more intuitive than other alignment aids. However, this is so inevitably swayed by personal preference that we would definitely recommend trying one out before purchasing. If you're used to 2-ball putters or other different aids then you might find that the dart takes a little getting used to.

It's definitely worth it, though - the new White Ice D.A.R.T. has recently been awarded a Gold Medal in Golf Digest's 2011 Hot List, and it's easy to see why.

If the alignment aid works for you then it'll really work, and we're confident that you'll love the control and consistency afforded by this putter. It just sounds and feels great. The face surface has undergone a few subtle changes to increase friction and improve sound, and you can tell that the fine-tuning has paid off.

With a beautiful dark nickel finish it looks pretty good too, and you won't have to worry about glare when you're playing a round in the sun. With adjustable weight technology you can also tailor the club to suit you too.

The Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Putter is available in a blade and a mallet design.

What the Web is Saying

"If you have trouble lining up your putts then this will really help you point correctly at the target as the long clear white and black lines draw you eye through the ball to the hole. As alignment aids go it is a little more in your face than some, but it certainly does the job." - golfalot.com


"One of the top-rated putters; its touch and forgiveness make it suitable for everyone." - golf.com

"Some golfers don't like its looks, but the alignment aid of the Odyssey Dart putter is certainly effective. With some practice, this one could become a 'point and shoot' putter." - golf-equipment-reviews.com

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