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  • Stunning looks
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Titleist Spin Milled Tour Vokey Wedge Titleist Spin Milled Tour Vokey Wedge

Review: Titleist Spin Milled Tour Chrome Vokey Wedges

Written by  on Saturday, 14 May 2011

Not only is Titleist consistently at the cutting edge of technology, their products are always as good on the eye as they are in the hand. The fantastic Spin Milled Tour Chrome Vokey Wedges are absolutely no exception and we review them here.

Usually we place the look of a club quite low on our list of priorities, but it needs to be said that these are absolutely beautiful clubs. The muscle-back wedges, complete with their loft marked boldly on the toe, hark back to the good old days. But the technology at play puts them squarely in the here and now.

The signature 'BV' on the back of the club is a sign of these clubs' excellence, standing as it does for Bob Vokey, the man who the world's leading golfers turn to for their wedges. Vokey uses this interaction with the top pros to create clubs that look and feel great, and perform brilliantly.

As with all muscle-back clubs, these are not the clubs a beginner or high-handicapper should be looking at, as they are less forgiving than a cavity-back option. This is only accentuated by the use of Dynamic Gold steel shafts that are designed for better golfers. But if you are comfortable and consistent in your swing and are looking to get hold of something to give you real control from in close give these very serious consideration.

These wedges are designed with spin in mind. The grooves are very deep and the edges sharp, meaning extra club-to-ball contact and superb spin. We noticed that the club face was also a little rougher than you would expect, so as to accentuate the friction, and therefore spin, between club and ball. We loved how much spin we could get from a wide variety of shots. We played from the fairway and first cut of rough, in wet or dry conditions and varied between full and easy swings. On every occasion we found the wedges to be brilliantly responsive, with the difference really noticeable in the wet.

As loft changes, so does the profile of the wedge, allowing for the ideal shape, offset and size. The soles were also 'hand ground' in design by Vokey, giving them a sense of a bespoke fitting and helping them cut through the ground. Again, we feel this will only be truly felt by the more advanced golfer, but as we went through the different lofts the balance and performance never erred from excellent.

The sense of personalisation is at its strongest when looking at the sheer number of variations available. There are 17 different lofts available, with a multitude of sole cambers too, so there will be a wedge or maybe even two that will be ideal for your swing. Titleist also offer custom fitting if the incredible range already on offer does not quite suit.

What The Web is Saying

"Wet bunkers, heavy rough, bone dry tight lies, this wedge can do the business from any of them, and still give you a great amount of feel and control" - which-golf-clubs-for-you.com

"Attention to detail is what sticks out to me about my Vokeys. The look and shape at address inspires confidence on all types of shots. The grind on the sole allows you to play any type of shot. You won't find a more versatile wedge" - golfsmith.com

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